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Realization of a Modern Logistics Hall

New Construction to the Highest Standards

The port of Trier has started the planning phase of the construction of a new modern logistics hall with approximately 15,000 square meters in size. This groundbreaking project will be realized to meet the highest standards. The future applications of this multi-user logistics hall promise to be diverse, offering options such as flexible storage and warehousing or scalable e-commerce fulfillment.

The logistics hall currently in planning will be directly connected to our multimodal terminal, providing you with a great range of services offered by this infrastructure. The Port of Trier is the ideal location for you and your customers, enabling you with the possibility to offer your clients sustainable supply chain solutions.

Visualization of the logistics hall, 2 floors / Copyright: Logivest
Visualization of the logistics hall, 2 floors / Copyright: Logivest
Alternative logistics hall, 1 floor / Copyright: Logivest

The Location of the New Construction

The new logistics hall, spanning around 15,000 square meters, will be directly connected to our multimodal terminal, offering a wide and diverse range of usage.

Overview of the Port of Trier, Location new logistics hall

Companies in the port of Trier

The headquarters of numerous well-known companies are located in the greater region of Trier-Eifel-Hunsrück-Saarland and Luxembourg. In the port area with adjacent freight-transport center, more than 40 companies currently employ about 2,500 workers.

This overview illustrates the companies situated directly adjacent to the port basin, including the planned  location of the new logistics hall.

Construction of the new logistics hall in the port of Trier, site plan

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Well connected in The Port of Trier

  • The waterways of Mosel and Saar are well connected to the ARA ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Antwerp
  • Direct train connection to Antwerp and Rotterdam
  • Efficient access to the European motorways and railways network
  • Cologne, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris, and Basel are reachable in the shortest time
  • The international Luxembourg Airport is accessible in less than a 30-minute drive
  • The airports of Saarbrücken, Hahn, Cologne/Bonn, and Frankfurt can be reached quickly and conveniently  
  • The Trier-Föhren Airfield provides business aviation with a very closely located landing site