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Multimodal Terminal Trier

Logistics and transport services at the Port of Trier

Thanks to its central location at the trimodal transport node for the greater Trier-Luxembourg region and its excellent connections to motorways, major highways and the rail network, the Port of Trier is able to offer custom, efficient logistics services for shipping within Europe and overseas.

We offer logistics and shipping companies a full range of services for cost-efficient transport by road, rail, and of course by waterway.

Multimodal container logistics

  • Container handling and trucking
  • Inland waterway transport
  • Container repairs
  • Rail freight transloading
  • Container Stuffing & Stripping
  • Comprehensive door-to-door service

Conventional logistics

  • Bulk and general cargo transloading
  • Heavy cargo/project cargo transloading
  • Outdoor storage
  • Goods distribution
  • Customs clearance
  • Recycling/purchase and sale of scrap

Efficient handling of heavy cargo in the wider region

Terminal operator Am Zehnhoff Söns’ LHM 420 mobile port crane is capable of lifting up to 120 tons. Goods with these weights and typically with large dimensions are difficult to transport by road, and doing so may necessitate special permits. With its unique technology, the “Mosellift” crane offers effective solutions for smooth handling of this challenging freight.

  • Max. load capacity 120 tons
  • Boom length up to 48 m
  • Total weight 371 tons
  • Lifting/lowering rate 120 m/min

Special loads, Trier/Eifel/Hunsrück/Luxembourg

Particularly high, long or wide loads? The more particular, the better: your special transportation needs are the day-to-day business of our terminal operator, Am Zehnhoff-Söns. Liaison with the authorities, organization of securing equipment, selection of the most suitable transport route: smooth operations begin at the planning stage. A further advantage is the operator’s own vehicle fleet and possession of all necessary permits.

We would be happy to provide you with a custom quotation for the planning of your goods and freight transport.

Am Zehnhoff-Söns Multimodal Terminal Trier GmbH
International Logistic Services
Am Moselkai 4
54293 Trier

Tel. +49 (0)651 200625-0
Fax +49 (0)651 200625-90

Recycling and processing of scrap steel and non-ferrous metals

Next to our Multimodal Terminal services, one of the most innovative metal-processing companies in Europe is headquartered at the Port of Trier. The Theo Steil GmbH, is a specialist in recycling, processing and trade in scrap steel and non-ferrous metals. 

The company will be happy to advise you, draw up a custom waste management, logistics and recycling concept, and implement the measures for you.

Theo Steil GmbH
Ostkai 6
54293 Trier

Tel. +49 (0)651 689-0

Kran im Gegenlicht am Hafen Trier

Facts and figures:

  • Waterway vessel transloading: 365/7/24
  • Quay length: 900 m
  • Container bridge crane: capacity 50 tons
  • Container gantry crane: load on the hook 47 tons
  • Multi-purpose handling system: for general and bulk goods
  • Storage and transloading area: 54.000 m²
  • LHM 420 mobile port crane: “Mosellift”, 120 tons
  • Range of grabs and special handling equipment
  • Electronic weighing equipment

Direct links

By inland waterway:
Trier-Rotterdam-Trier several times a week
Trier-Antwerp-Trier several times a week

By rail:
Trier-Rotterdam-Trier several times a week
Mosel X-Press:
Trier-Antwerp-Trier several times a week