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On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Trierer Hafengesellschaft, we invited 16 artists to draw a contemporary picture of “their” ports. All works of genres like photography, illustration, painting, video art, sound art, graffiti art or prints has been on display in our AHOI art exhibition at the European Academy of Fine Arts in spring 2022.

Ramona Lerch, Kommunikation und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit am Hafen Trier

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Andreas Schneider, Skulptur / Installation

andreasschneider (Basel, Switzerland)

Sculpture/object, installation art/art in buildings and the public space

Implementing and illustrating the signs of our times

Bernd Bleffert, Installation / Klangkunst

Bernd Bleffert

The question of how sound is created in the first instance gave rise to the core concept and leitmotif of his work, namely that movement, including touch, is the essential source of sound. 3 cymbals constitute locations of the sound of a “port melody”

Chiara Dahlem (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)


“49.696955° / 6.4749385°”

Teresa Habild, Illustration / Cartoon

Teresa Habild

Illustration / Cartoon

Sasja Hagens, Malerei

Sasja Hagens (Rotterdam, Netherlands)


“Some people ask me why I’ve spent so much time painting ports – such an obvious subject. But their size and industrial quality ignite a spark in me.”

Josef Hammen, Malerei

Josef Hammen


“My pictures are a mosaic of close-ups and snapshots. My aim is to view the familiar in a new way and to draw attention to the overlooked. I find it pleasing how the coloured areas form a picture, a story. I will present my view of the port in several pictures – as a whole and in the form of details and close-ups.”

Bernd Janßen-Thul, Fotografie / künstlerische Bildbearbeitung

Bernd Janßen-Thul

Photography / artistic image manipulation

“Ports are fascinatingly ambivalent industrial landscapes. On the one hand, globally connective, indispensable locations for the exchange of goods between cities, countries and continents, and for many people a source of fascination. On the other, burdened with all the problems associated with the destruction of nature, pollution of the environment, noise nuisance for the nearby residents, etc.My works aim to capture and express this ambivalence.”

Alexander Harry Morrison, Druckgrafik / Installation

Alexander Harry Morrison

Druckgrafik / Installation

Inspiration: „Everything has a sort of double meaning for me, there’s the ordinary everyday meaning of things, and the imaginary meaning about it all, and I wanted to bring these things together.“ (Stanley Spencer)


Urban artist / graffiti art

“My goal in the exhibition is to merge the topics of graffiti and the port. They arouse similar emotions and associations in us, both being characterized by an urban, dark and slightly mysterious atmosphere. My aim is to harness these emotions and convey them in my work.”

Ralf Schuh, Fotografie

Ralf Schuh


“My artistic contribution to ‘AHOI’ is not a work in its own right, but accompaniment of the other artists during the creative process. Inspired by the differences in their character and approach to the topic, I have created different images which record the process of the works’ creation in a photographic sketchbook.”

Joost Verhagen, Malerei

Joost Verhagen (Eindhoven, Netherlands)


”As an artist, you aim to create and innovate. But I also believe in simple but powerful work. Don’t go for complexity without reason. The composition must be able to speak for itself and the used material and techniques must fit in with the thought process. I am always searching for this fragile balance between abstract and realistic, and to get as close to this tipping point as possible”.

Katharina Worring, Malerei

Katharina Worring


“For the last 11 years, I have had a studio in the freight centre of the port of Trier. My view each day through the windows of my studio onto the tracks and passing freight trains is symbolic of mobility, dynamism and globalization. The port is not limited to the quay on the river Moselle: it also takes in the surrounding infrastructure, a mixture of functional buildings and wild greenery that refuses to be tamed by fences. This terrain is diverse and conflicted, and traces of it can be found in many of my works.”

Markus Zender, Videokunst

Markus Zender

Mixed Media

“The crystal ball as a metaphor for making the hidden visible and raising awareness. In my video projection “Harbour” from the series “Images in a crystal ball” I use this metaphor and an interpretation of the intangible, past, future or spatial Distant by showing image content faster than we can see it with the naked eye.”

Paul Hommage & Yumi Takeuchi (Nancy, Frankreich)

Zeichnung / Installation

Inspiration: “Paul Hommage and Yumi Takeuchi are artists based in Japan and France, they each have a master’s degree in art and started working together for the exhibition “Fresh>>Refresh” in France in 2013. Together they create artwork around the dreams of younger generations.”