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The Port of Trier – an established and dependable factor in the region’s economy

Located directly on the port site is a commercial and industrial zone with an area of approximately 130 hectares. To date, over 40 companies have established operations at the Port of Trier site.

The excellent links to the transport network attract many companies to the business location of the Port of Trier. Besides the link to the inland waterways of the Saar (91 km) and Moselle (364 km) rivers, which in turn are linked to the network of European inland waterways, and direct accessibility from the motorway network and excellent integration into the highway network of the greater Trier-Luxembourg region and south-west Germany, we also have a well-developed rail network.


Companies located directly on site benefit from a wide range of services, such as storage and packing of their products through to customs clearance. We also offer the special service of transporting heavy loads largely independently of the road network.

The port of Trier has started the planning phase of the construction of a new modern logistics hall with approximately 15,000 square meters in size. This groundbreaking project will be realized to meet the highest standards. The future applications of this multi-user logistics hall promise to be diverse, offering options such as flexible storage and warehousing or scalable e-commerce fulfillment.

The logistics hall currently in planning will be directly connected to our multimodal terminal, providing you with a great range of services offered by this infrastructure. The Port of Trier is the ideal location for you and your customers, enabling you with the possibility to offer your clients sustainable supply chain solutions.

Visualization new logistics hall
new logistics hall, port of trier
Volker Klassen, Managing Director

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