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We offer you cost-efficient, fast and sustainable transport links from the Port of Trier to the international seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Direct import/export links by ship

Our terminal operator, Am Zehnhoff-Söns, operates inland waterway shipment several times a week between Trier, Antwerp and Rotterdam.

Direct import/export links by rail

In addition to waterway shipment, a direct rail link operates between Trier, Antwerp and Rotterdam several times a week.

Inland waterway transport on the Moselle and Saar rivers

The Port of Trier has a direct link to the inland waterways of the Saar (91 km) and Moselle (364 km), which in turn are linked to the European network of inland waterways, for example via the Rhine to the Main and Danube and to the major north German waterways to the east and west.

A container line service runs several times a week between Trier and Bonn, reliably connecting the regional economy with the seaports in Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam.

Our terminal operator, a logistics service provider with terminal locations in Bonn and Trier, connects the Rhine-Moselle region with Europe and overseas – to your advantage.

Timetable for shipping and direct rail links


Moselexpress and Mosel X-Press

Fast, reliable and competitively priced: the Moselexpress transports containers by rail from Trier to Rotterdam or vice versa within twelve hours. The deep-sea port routes in Rotterdam can be reached within 24 hours. Containers are cleared quickly and competently in Rotterdam’s ultra-modern terminals. At the Trier end, the last mile is optimized with smart logistics. You can therefore serve the large industrial region between the Eifel, Saarland and Luxembourg with ease.

Since April 2019, the Mosel X-Press container rail line has also connected container traffic at the Port of Trier with the deep-sea port of Antwerp.

Modern shipping logistics – short sea shipping

Am Zehnhoff-Söns’ service portfolio also includes short sea shipping. The intermodal transport chain comprising road – inland waterway – coaster scores particularly well in its reliability, high capacity and ecological advantages.

Call us or write to us. We would be happy to advise you on your distribution planning.

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Timetable for shipping and direct rail links