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For its birthday, the port gaves the Trier region an exhibition

Planned in the years of the German “economic miracle”, built in the 1960s and opened in 1965: to this day, the Port of Trier has developed into a permanent fixture for the economy of the greater region. More than 40 companies have settled at the port area and the links to the transport network could not be better: rail, road, waterway – our infrastructure offers the ideal route from or to the customer for every product. This is because container trains and inland waterway vessels run regularly from the multimodal transport hub to the European seaports.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Trierer Hafengesellschaft we invited 16 artists of different genres to draw a contemporary picture of “their” ports. All works has been on display in our AHOI art exhibition at the European Academy of Fine Arts from the 4th of March until the 17th of April 2022.


AHOI! Artists interpret their home ports

In our exhibition AHOI the photographers Bernd Janßen-Thul, Edouard Olszewski and Ralf Schuh, sprayer Saruk, cartoonist Teresa Habild and the painters Josef Hammen and Katharina Worring showed the visitors “their” picture of the Port of Trier. Media installations by Markus Zender, sound art by Bernd Bleffert and graphic printing techniques made by Harry Morrison rounded off the variety of genres.

The artists Chiara Dahlem (Luxembourg, Luxembourg), Sasja Hagens (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Paul Hommage (Nancy, France) Simon Van Parys (Gent, Belgium), Joost Verhagen (Eindhoven, Netherlands) and Andreas Schneider (Basel, Switzerland) has enriched the exhibition – reflecting the international and networking character of logistics.

The art exhibition has been initiated by the Port of Trier in cooperation with the European Academy of Fine Arts and the KM9, both located in Trier.

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