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Initiative to find young and skilled personnel for the logistics sector

We are contributors to the Wirtschaftsmacher (“business-makers”) initiative, which aims to raise awareness among the public for the diverse and important business segment of logistics. The sector’s importance for the success of the economy as a whole is undisputed. The challenges facing logistics companies in industry, trade and logistics services are constantly increasing. At the same time however, the image of the logistics sector, which employs 3.2 million people, is less rosy. An almost perilous shortage of skilled and junior workers is just one consequence of this. To rectify this situation, a large number of logistics companies have joined the initiative.

Interview with the Trier port master

To call Stefan Jakobi versatile would be an understatement. 15 years ago, Mr Jakobi, a master electrician, switched from a planning office to the port of Trier. Initially, his main focus was the port’s real estate, but as port master he soon became the go-to person for everything. Ask him about his tasks, and you can therefore expect the following answers: master electrician, rail operations manager, CoC-appointed expert in inland waterway calibrations, fire chief, and safety and water pollution control officer. Aged 54 and a native of Trier, he is something of a Swiss Army Knife made flesh for all matters concerning the Port of Trier. “For this job you simply have to be an all-rounder and have a wide range of interests,” he says.

That’s not surprising: he’s responsible for all loading and unloading operations on the 38-hectare port site, including the adjacent freight traffic centre. If anything untoward happens, he’s the person people call first. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Even when he’s on holiday, his colleagues are able to reach him. “If the phone rings, I pick it up,” he replies with a shrug and a mischievous smile, when asked whether this might not at some point all be too much for him. He always has a sympathetic ear for his colleagues’ concerns.


Stefan Jakobi, Port Master