Trier Habour

One harbour. Three ways. Any goods.

With its central location and quick links to motorways, main roads and the rail network, Trier Harbour offers perfect connections for the transportation of goods and merchandise. We will also be pleased to carry out individual efficient logistics solutions for you from door to door. Outdoor storage, goods distribution and customers processing are naturally included in the harbour's range of services.
The terminal has more than 900 m of quay, a crane with a capacity of up to 50 tons, and a storage and transshipment area of 50,000 m².

The terminal is also perfectly equipped for conventional transshipments:

  • bulk/break bulk cargo such as steel, billets, rolled steel, gravel sand or stones
  • heavy goods or heavy project cargo with high point loads

The most frequently handled goods are:

  • mineral oils
  • ores
  • NF metals
  • stones and earths
  • foodstuffs and animal feed
  • agricultural products

In addition to its logistical function, Trier Harbour is also an established industrial location. The steel and recycling industries in particular, plus the mineral oil industry with the region's biggest fuel depot, have been successfully operating here for many years.


Since 1 January 2015, a container line service of the MM Multi Modal Shuttle has been in regular operation between Trier, Metz and Bonn, reliably connecting the region's industry with the seaports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam. Four times a week, one of the ships is scheduled to sail into Trier Harbour on its way up- or downriver. The container line shortens the regional industry's route towards the world market via Metz and the "Rhine-Moselle Hub" of Bonn.