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Five internationally known artists, each of whom has interpreted their own local port, forge the link to the port’s motto: “From Trier out into the world and from the world to Trier. Export and import. This is where the paths meet.”

Andreas Schneider, Skulptur / Installation

andreasschneider (Basel, Switzerland)

Sculpture/object, installation art/art in buildings and the public space

Implementing and illustrating the signs of our times

Chiara Dahlem, Mixed-Media - multidisziplinär

Chiara Dahlem (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

“49.696955° / 6.4749385°”

Joost Verhagen, Malerei

Joost Verhagen (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

Sasja Hagens, Malerei

Sasja Hagens (Rotterdam, Netherlands)


“Some people ask me why I’ve spent so much time painting ports – such an obvious subject. But their size and industrial quality ignite a spark in me.”

Simon Van Parys, Skulptur / Installation

Simon Van Parys (Ghent, Belgium)